Internet anonymity: uses, abuses and fallacies

Internet anonymity: uses, abuses and fallacies

Kevin / January 9, 2020

I wrote this text more than five years ago, sent it to some forum or it was published somewhere – and it seems to me that it is still quite valid today. I took the opportunity to renew it a bit, although the picture has not changed much. It describes some situations related to anonymity …

Cyberattacks increase in the electoral period: there are more than 100 'hacks' in the campaign

Cyberattacks increase in the electoral period: there are more than 100 ‘hacks’ in the campaign

Kevin / January 5, 2020

With the advent of the digital age many things have changed. Computers, mobiles, transport, the way we buy … The Internet has brought many advantages with it, but it has also carried some risks such as the lack of computer security , better known as cybersecurity . Since we do everything with computer codes, mobile …

Cyber threats aimed at 'eSports' grow as their millionaire business does

Cyber threats aimed at ‘eSports’ grow at the same time as its millionaire business does

Kevin / January 3, 2020

t is expected that in 2021 eSports will reach an income of 1.7 billion dollars . And it is already known that wherever there is money, the friends of the foreign come swiftly. The result is that cyber threats aimed at electronic sports grow while their millionaire business does. A study by Trend Micro ensures …

Microsoft also listens to some Skype calls and orders to Cortana

Kevin / December 31, 2019

The firm has, like Google and Apple, with language experts to improve the service First it was Amazon , later Google and Apple , and now Microsoft . The specializing in technology Motherboard says, relying on voice recordings and several screenshots which have had access in recent weeks, the electronics giant also uses experts from …

The security of digital assistants

Kevin /

Smart speakers can also suffer cyberattacks The digital assistants, which require a continuous Internet connection, use voice as a vehicle to interact with electronic devices we have at home. The arrival of the so-called smart speakers has begun to become indicators of a more significant transformation in the habits of each of us. You cannot …

A society vulnerable to cyber attacks

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We talk about the impact that cyber attacks have on individuals and small businesses suffer daily but that also succeed in large companies as it happened on Monday in the SER Chain The SER chain has suffered this morning an attack of computer virus that has affected all its computer systems in general. Beyond the …

The Firefox VPN about to arrive with 3-hour secure browsing passes

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In September, we confirm Mozilla’s plans to include a VPN in your Firefox browser as a special feature. This came under the name of Firefox Private Network and, in the first phase, could be tested by some users of the popular browser. The problem is that its characteristics were quite limited at the time. Now, …