In September, we confirm Mozilla’s plans to include a VPN in your Firefox browser as a special feature. This came under the name of Firefox Private Network and, in the first phase, could be tested by some users of the popular browser. The problem is that its characteristics were quite limited at the time. Now, the Firefox VPN is about to arrive with 3 hours of secure browsing, among other things, and we tell you everything we know about this security tool that will take virtual private networks to all users at the click of a button.

The use of free VPN has skyrocketed for some time now. The so-called cases of mass espionage and the increasing security breaches that have ended up exposing the personal data of users have contributed to this. Nobody trusts hair when surfing the Internet, and trying to maintain anonymity has become a priority. For that reason, we have more and more alternatives within our reach, the Firefox VPN being the next to jump into the ring.

The VPN for Firefox comes in beta with many changes

This tool can be tested for a few weeks by users in the United States. However, that initial version lacked some of the basic functions that anyone expects when using a VPN. For that reason, Mozilla has updated the Firefox Private Network beta with new features and ensuring that it will remain free until its final release.

The novelties of the Mozilla Firefox VPN are:

  • Firefox Private Network will remain free.
  • The monthly usage time of this privacy feature will be limited.
  • Users will have a total of 12 hours of Firefox Private Network in the form of 4 blocks of 3 hours of uninterrupted use.
  • We will have 4 free passes at the beginning of each month.

To access the unlimited version of the Firefox VPN will give the opportunity to join the beta of this service.

We can choose between servers in 39 countries, something that was not available in the initial version.

All users who were using the initial version of Firefox Private Network will use this renewed mode with monthly passes and access to the unlimited version by invitation. It should be made clear that the VPN is activated only on that device when using the Firefox browser and does not “protect” the entire Internet connection.

At the moment, both Firefox Private Network and unlimited VPN per invitation remain restricted to the United States. We hope that in the third phase of the project we will proceed to make the leap to other territories, with Spain as a potential candidate.