Often the risks of connecting to a WiFi network are overlooked. Indeed, it is foolishly believed that this is a reliable connection. However, it is often by connecting via Wifi that hackers manage to break into our devices. So, it should come as no surprise that our bank details and other sensitive information about us have been stolen.

The risks of a connection via Wifi

According to the AT&T report and the Skycure report, public networks are vulnerable because they lack protection. They are therefore privileged targets for hackers who seek to steal secret codes, usernames, passwords, data on bank cards …

A study by Mac Afee shows that 38% of users are well aware of the risks of a Wi-Fi connection, but continue to use this network.

According to the report published by AARP’s Convenience Versus Security, more than 25% of adults use a Wi-Fi network on a weekly basis to transfer private data.

Skycure warns, however, Wi-Fi network users in certain risk areas: Notre Dame de Paris, Times Square, Golden Gade and Disneyland theme parks.

Better protection on WiFi

If you can’t do without a WiFi network when you want to be protected, the solution is obviously the top rated VPN services. In this area, there are several reliable providers such as iNinja, uVPN, ZenMate and TouchVPN.

Their main asset is their highly sophisticated security protocol that helps protect data. Thus, hackers will not be able to hack our device and will not have access to our personal information.